Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feeling Better with Tai Chi

The beauty of Tai Chi is that there is something for every mood you can have. Feel like you want a really hard work out? Hold all the postures in your form for 1-5 Breaths, it's called Ding Shi and it will make you much stronger. Want to do something a little more aerobic? Then practice the form at a fast pace. Feel like you can't do anything else that day? Sit down and practice one of the Qigong meditations. Tai Chi is a vast subject. It is a martial art, a meditation, a Qigong exercise, and it is just plain fun regardless of your mood.

I used to focus on telling people how Tai Chi could overcome this or that ailment. About how studies had proven that it was beneficial for some ailment or another. Then one day it hit me. Those things are good and Tai Chi can do them but they come from dedicated daily training over time. Most folks in our world today don't care about six months from now. They care about right now. So, I decided to focus on the immediate benefit I get from doing Tai Chi which is simply that I feel good having done it. It's a simple thing to measure really... do I feel better having done this exercise? If the answer is yes then you will continue doing it.

Really for Tai Chi it is essential that when you finish the exercise you feel even a little better than you did before you started it. This goes for qigong, yoga, or any other form of exercise. In my experience You will do exercises that make you feel good. You will avoid those that do not. So try out Tai Chi from a real live instructor today... see if you can feel a little better.

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