Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tai Chi and Your Problems

Everyday we are faced with more and more disturbing news. The Financial Crisis, the "New Great Depression," our failing healthcare system, overpopulation, climate change, genetically modified foods, war, poverty, and a thousand other things that our news outlets beam at us every single day.

Combine these world problems with the personal scale problems of paying the bills, raising kids, dealing with annoying people and you have a perfect storm of stress. Tai Chi is an excellent answer to these problems.

You may ask: What the hell is standing around breathing deeply and moving slowly going to do to solve these problems?

The simple answer is nothing. Tai Chi will not fix these problems but it will make you better able to deal with them. When you do Tai Chi you slow down, relax, and make an effort to let go. This is necessary. We cannot run on adrenaline forever and we must stop and recharge our batteries otherwise our bodies will break down. You don't drive your car for over a year and not change the oil. You change the oil, make sure the battery is good, you get fuel. If you do this for your car then you owe it to yourself to practice Tai Chi. Your body and mind can only benefit. Then you can return to your problems refreshed and better able to deal with them.

Tai Chi cannot directly solve all the problems you face but it can make you better able to tackle what must be done to solve them. No other exercise I have ever practiced has ever been as useful in recharging, restoring, and strengthening.

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